Colour me OMG (and tired and wired)

OMG, I’m in Africa! We landed in Entebbe and took a bus to the Speke Hotel about two hours ago (a wild ride with some interesting traffic moves, but that just added to everything). It’s dark but nevertheless my first views of Entebbe and Kampala were so exciting. I’ll try to do them justice but not tonight; I have to wake up in three hours for breakfast and a cultural briefing, and I’ve already been awake for 35 hours. (Did I mention that my first flight was cancelled? Thankfully WestJet rerouted me through Edmonton and so, four flights later, I’m here.)

I’ve spent the last hour unpacking and doing battle with both wi-fi and a rogue mosquito. My hotel room is very basic but clean, and the hotel staff is so nice.

But before I sign off, I have to announce another OMG moment: I watched the sun set over the Sahara Desert through the plane window. Wow, wow, wow.



5 thoughts on “Colour me OMG (and tired and wired)

  1. Whoot! Whoot! Congratulations! It sounds like you had a very long trip. It’s good to hear you are well and wired. Have a great first day. Looking forward to your posts.

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