Reunited (and it feels so good)

At long last, (two whole days), I’ve connected to wi-fi. It’s been hard for me to be cut off from the Internet and I’m grateful to Rolf for figuring out that my room number was preventing my connection to the hotel’s server. (I was going to call this post “I love Rolf Traichel” but since he’s married, I thought I’d better not.)

Yesterday another CCA volunteer, John, took Cindy, Jenn and I for a walk through old Kampala, which is teeming with people. I now understand why some newcomers to Canada push their way through crowds. If you didn’t do so here you simply wouldn’t get anywhere, and I pushed along with everyone else.

The photo below and attached video are of a matatu park in old Kampala. Gotta run – it’s time for another team briefing from CCA.

Matatu park in Kampala

Matatu park in Kampala


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