The day that ended with pasta wine

Today the team and I met for breakfast under the trees outside the Speke Hotel. Then we walked to the Uganda Cooperative Alliance offices for a briefing. It was interesting and everyone here is so nice. I’ve just met these people and already I know I’ll miss them in two weeks.

On the team with me are leaders Laurie Tennian and Karen Timoshuk with the Canadian Co-operative Alliance, and Lacey Chyz, Rayanne Brennan, Cindy Corrigan, Jim Harris, Adele McGuire, Jennifer Nelson, Rolf Traichel. All super committed to co-operatives and funny, smart people as well.

I have stories to tell but my Internet connection isn’t working and continuing to use mobile will cost me a lot. I bought a dongle and SIM card from Orange but my laptop isn’t recognizing it and I’ll have to hope I can stop in there again for them to fix it. Thank goodness for Bell and cellular roaming.

We had a fun dinner together at the Speke Hotel. My wine tasted like pasta, which fueled an already funny conversation between people who were slaphappy from fatigue. And speaking of fatigue, I’ve had only a few hours sleep in three days, and my bed is calling to me. Goodnight!

police stations in Kampala

Police station across the street from UCA


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