From 32 degrees to -7 degrees in one week

I’m taking a detour on my way home to Canada from Uganda. For the last three days I’ve been in Munich, Germany, and today I’m in Nuremberg on a riverboat. Tomorrow we embark on a week-long journey to Vienna, and I’ll fly home from there to Vancouver on December 15.

I have left Uganda but it hasn’t left me. I think of it every day – of my friends on the team and of the wonderful people I met. I think of the work of the Ugandan Co-operative Alliance and pray for its continued success. I remember Rashid, our driver, and his friendliness and pride in his work. And I think of Prince, the baby who reached out for me to pick him up, and hope he’ll have a good life. At eight months old he’ll never remember me, but I will never forget him.

When I return to Canada I’ll begin the work of telling the stories of the Ugandans I met. And perhaps I may post them here still. But for the next week, if you want to read about my adventures, I invite you to check out my new blog: Debbie Does Danube.

PS – Don’t call me Debbie.


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